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There is no place on earth like an English garden. Nothing can truly match that idyllic sun-trapped sensibility of roses heavy with humming bees and freshly cut grass. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to capture that experience.


Resplendent with unforgettable fragrances and naturally moisturising plant actives, British Botanical Shower Cream is a summer’s day amongst the wild flowers. In your bathroom. Every day.

The ingredients are the best of British. Rosemary and Omega-rich Echium oil soften the skin; Lavender, Geranium, Palmarosa and Chamomile are restorative and balancing; organic Oats, packed with minerals and vitamins, naturally moisturise, comfort and soothe.

Grown in the garden of England, the ingredients are carefully picked and pressed within nine miles of the fields. Freshness is optimum. The environment is respected. The eco-system is supported. What you are left with is skin that is incomparably cleansed. Intensely nourished. Profoundly soft to the touch. The experience lingers on the senses. The delicious aromatic leaves a fragrant veil.

Artist and designer Amanda Ross brings a touch of the Secret Garden to the packaging with her intricate, life-like images, all replicated from plant cuttings that reflect the formulations.


This is artistry outside. And artistry within. Shower in the Garden of England.


Revitalising and uplifting with purifying properties to gently cleanse.


Revitalising and uplifting with purifying properties to gently cleanse.

Organic Oats

Abundant in vitamins and minerals and proven to improve skin health.