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NEW! Elemis Pro-Intense Effect Super System



An ageing skin is a thinning skin, caused by its usual renewal cycle slowing down resulting in fewer skin cells being renewed daily. The first visible signs you see and feel are a lack of bounce-back in the skin.

As we get older, the cheeks, chin and jaw area can begin to sag.  Sagging is often caused by tiredness and the onset of the menopause as the skin rapidly loses proteins and calcium – the building blocks of the skin that keep cells full and round. Often in life, when you feel physically tired and sluggish you reach for a bottle of vitamins to revive your body or head to the gym to re-energise and tone-up. When you haven’t been to the gym for a while your body muscles relax and lose their firmness. The skin on your face is the same; skin cells need stimulation and exercise through facial massage (whether in a salon or at home) to get it back into shape.

After 3 years in development, Elemis introduce Pro-Intense Lift Effect Super System designed to re-energise and protect the skin cells at the epidermal junction to reveal a more lifted, firmer and shaped facial contours.



"At Elemis, we don’t define skin type just by age; it is just as easily affected by lifestyle. Pro-Intense Lift Effect Super System is for a tired, slackening skin - be it mature, ageing, menopausal or simply well-travelled. I wanted this system to work in harmony with the skin, so it layers the lipid barrier and acts fast to compensate wherever the skin needs 'padding out'. It was very important to ensure it had the ability to boost elasticity to strengthen the skin cells that have become flattened and lost their full and round form. This 30 day programme contains a 4-step regime taking you from morning into evening plus a once-a-week mask. The clinical results in 30 days are incredible; cheeks and jowls appear lifted and re-shaped. As with all Elemis formulations, this system contains beautiful ingredients, outstanding textures and a wonderful feeling when massaged into the skin. A long time in the making we are incredibly excited to bring this to our clients."



Harnessing cutting-edge plant stem cell technology

Centella Plant Stem Cell - Helps skin regain firmness and tone

Gardenia Plant Stem Cells - Helps increase cellular regeneration


Lupin - Clinically proven to reduce the depth of jowls, cheeks and chin contours

Camelina Oil - Helps limit transepidermal water loss for super-moisturisation

Arjuna Bark Extract - Actively lifts jowls and combats sagging

Shape, Lift and Firm in 30 daysAvailable in now at Elemis Spa at the St.Regis Bangkok, Anantara Spa, Mandara Spa and Royal Garden Spa at Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa.