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NEW! Elemis Pro-Intense Lift Effect Night Cream


During the day the skin needs protection and moisturisation however overnight, whilst the body is relaxed and your breathing is deeper, you have the ability to oxygenate your skin cells. That said, the skin is a very lazy organ. It needs stimulation to encourage it to work hard and function at its peak. As you age, the renewal cycle slows down and skin loses its elasticity. The building blocks of the skin start to flatten, so what you see in the mirror as a result is drooping and sagging in the cheeks and jowls area.

Introducing Pro-Intense Lift Effect Night Cream, the latest addition to the Pro-Intense Lift Effect programme, harnessing the science of plant stem cell technology. Designed to target the sagging of jowls, cheeks and chin, this rich cream layers the lipid barrier and works overnight to stimulate the cell’s biological energy cycle to deliver a lift effect.


The result? Facial contours appear shaped and skin texture visibly improved.

Active Ingredients:

Lupin - Reduces the volume of the jowls and sagging of the facial contours.

Arjuna Bark Extract - Actively lifts jowls and combats skin sagging whilst improving the skin’s overall resiliency.

Gardenia Plant Stem Cells - Reduces the breakdown of essential support molecules to prevent loss of firmness.

Alaria Esculenta - Preserves skin elasticity and suppleness by reinforcing the 'cushioning' of the skin, visibly improving skin texture.