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Anantara Spa launches an exclusive new Mahout Relaxation Treatment


Introducing a brand new destination-inspired therapy, Anantara Spa is launching the Anantara Signature Mahout Relaxation Treatment to pamper guests after they have enjoyed unforgettable elephant activities.

The Anantara Signature Mahout Relaxation Treatment has been created to relax and restore the body after an interactive experience with Thailand’s gentle giants and is available exclusively at Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort.

Anantara’s luxury hilltop retreat in the legendary Golden Triangle overlooks the hills of Myanmar, Thailand and Laos, as well as the mighty Mekong and tranquil Ruak rivers.  The award-winning resort is home to a highly acclaimed Elephant Camp which has rescued over 30 elephants from Thailand’s city streets.  While the elephants now enjoy a comfortable and safe life in their natural habitat, Anantara guests also benefit, with a range of interactive elephant activities including scenic Elephant Treks, Mahout Training and an Elephant Learning Experience in which guests get involved with scientific projects to study elephant biology, conservation and intelligence.

Helping to ease aching muscles and restore the body to its natural equilibrium following these interactive activities, the Anantara Signature Mahout Relaxation Treatment lasts for 90 minutes.  This restorative spa journey begins with a calming 15 minute Herbal Steam to relax the body and expand the blood vessels, allowing more nutrients and oxygen to reach the muscles and joints, thus aiding the restoration process.  Guests then unwind into a 75 minute Traditional Thai Massage combined with a Thai Herbal Compress.   For the Traditional Thai Massage, an expert therapist uses thumbs, palms, feet, elbows and knees to press, pull and stretch the body into therapeutic yoga positions, and rhythmic kneading along the body’s meridien lines and acupressure points helps to promote a healthy flow of balanced energy. The heated compress contains healing Thai herbs including ‘prai’, a rootstock of the ginger family, which has been used in northern Thailand for centuries to relieve muscular aches and pains, as well as to tone and soften skin.   Guests can request their preferred massage pressure for a remedial treatment that is perfectly pleasurable.

Lee David Stephens, General Manager, MSPA International, comments, “Anantara is passionate about providing guests with unique destination adventures and a sense of true indulgence.  In line with this philosophy, Anantara Spa creates treatment journeys that deliver restorative benefits after specific activities.  With Anantara Golden Triangle’s elephant activities becoming increasingly popular, the resort’s spa is delighted to help guests recuperate afterwards with the tailormade Mahout Relaxation Treatment, which we anticipate will be just as popular as the thrilling elephant escapades.”

The Anantara Signature Mahout Relaxation Treatment is priced at THB 3,900 net per person.

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