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The latest Mandara Spa graces an ancient Chinese city


Welcoming its very first guests in April 2011, Mandara Spa at Pullman Lijiang Resort & Spa is the luxury spa brand’s fifth sanctuary in China, offering clients a truly unique destination in which to experience Mandara Spa’s timeless healing touch.  

Pullman Lijiang Resort & Spa is conveniently positioned 45 minutes from Lijiang Airport and only 10 minutes from downtown Lijiang in the northwest corner of Yunnan province in southern China, where fascinating cultural and natural attractions abound. 

The old town of Lijiang dates back 800 years to the region’s prosperous tea trading period, when it was situated along an old tea horse road.  From this flourishing era emerged a unique blend of architecture, history and culture, creating a town that is considered completely distinct from other ancient Chinese cities, with its preservation ensured by World Heritage listed status since 1997.

Outside of town, visitors find themselves immersed in a pleasant year round climate and refreshing natural beauty, where clean air breathes life into fertile fields, and opaque streams and lakes have a majestic backdrop of snowy mountains. 

Just one of the many attractions, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the southernmost glacier in the Northern Hemisphere. Comprising 13 snow-covered and fog-enlaced peaks, together they resemble a jade dragon lying in the clouds. A quarter of all China’s plant species can be found here, and as the flora, fauna and scenery changes according to the altitude and different types of glacier, each stage brings a new surprise.  Of equal natural allure, Tiger Leaping Gorge is believed to be the deepest gorge in the world, with steeply angled 70-90 degree mountain sides inviting visitors to look down onto the rushing Golden Sands River with its 18 frothing rapids more than 200 metres below.

This fusion of cultural authenticity and undisturbed natural landscape creates idyllic surrounds for Pullman Lijiang Resort & Spa, which encapsulates the beauty of China through modern architecture and traditional NaXi-inspired designs.  Offering 130 rooms and villas with private courtyards and mountain views, guests enjoy an enviable location and surrounds, and now also China’s latest Mandara Spa.

The name “Mandara” stems from the ancient Sanskrit legend of a god’s quest to discover a magical elixir of eternal youth. This legacy of Mandara philosophy is reflected in unique and exotic spa treatments that replicate timeless radiance and vitality with an emphasis on cultural traditions.

Upon entering this latest Mandara Spa, guests are greeted by the spacious Spa Reception, designed in distinctive oriental style and accented by natural touches such as ornate trees.  Look up and a collection of symmetrical matching oriental lamps are suspended above a long central water feature filled with flowers that leads to a stately gong at the far end.  Comfy daybeds flank one side to entice rest and relaxation, while on the other, slate walls and intricate wooden facades create a natural backdrop to the quiet seated area.

Paying homage to the fabled heritage that is steeped within the surrounding region, treatment rooms are named after eight celebrated landscapes in Shuhe.  For instance the Reflection Chamber treatment suite is named after Lijiang’s Black Dragon Pool, which is listed in the Collections of Famous Pools of China.  The impressive Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is reflected in this pool’s lucid jade waters, which were named after an ancient legend of a young black dragon.  More mysteriously for today’s visitors, a bridge that crosses the pool seems to divide the water in surprising ways; firstly the water is a different colour on each side, and secondly the fish never swim to the opposite side, even though the water is connected.  Beyond these unusual distinctions, the pool is powerfully unified in the fact that even throughout drought years, it has remained plentiful of water, and such an intriguing site of long lasting vitality, beauty and myth, provides a wonderful emblem for Mandara.

Each of these treatment suites feature crisp black treatment beds adorned with maroon silks and plump cushions.  Chinese lamps and artwork are highlighted elegantly by soft lighting to create a sensual mood inside, and the outdoors is brought into each treatment experience by scenic views of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

State of the art facilities consist of 2 VIP Double Treatment Suites, 2 Deluxe Double Treatment Suites, 2 Private Outdoor Treatment Courtyards – one located on an island surrounded by water and the other by beautiful sands, 3 Deluxe Single Treatment Suites and 1 Deluxe Wet Single Treatment Suite.  Every treatment suite features a private changing area, and every double treatment also features a steam facility. In addition, a Foot Lounge with 8 stations, a Hair & Nail Salon and Relaxation Lounge culminate in a comprehensive health, beauty and wellness sanctuary for the most discerning clientele. 

Let the latest exquisite Mandara Spa guide you through a poetic, mystical journey where one can transcend, transform and trust the moment inspired by one of China’s most enthralling historical sites.


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