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Anantara Spa banks second place for Spa Design in the Middle East Spa Awards


Bestowing discerning clientele with indulgent journeys in a unique spa setting that combines the richest cultural inspirations of Middle Eastern heritage with reflections of the world’s largest desert expanse, Anantara Spa at Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara is celebrating its number 2 ranking in the Spa Design category of the Middle East Spa Awards.

Designed by Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) Dubai Design team - a leader in hospitality interior design worldwide with a focus on the pulse of changing industry trends governed by today's more sophisticated world traveler - HBA succeeded in delivering a space in which guests would feel at one with their self, as well as the Spa’s unique surroundings.

Taking into account the visual drama of the Liwa Desert’s Empty Quarter which boasts some of the oldest trade routes, towering dunes and ancient buried cities, an integration of interior and exterior space imparts a feeling that the Spa itself offers an oasis at the edge of a vast sea of sand.

Creating a harmonious fusion of fantasy, drama and creature comforts, a bespoke and sensitive spa design concept married the spa’s unrivalled desert location and authentic regional architecture, as well as Anantara’s luxuriously indigenous brand vision, enhanced by new technology and fresh ideas to develop a strong and inspired Spa identity.

As Anantara’s very essence invites guests to immerse themselves in the richness of local culture, nature, and all the colours, shapes and textures these elements unravel, Anantara Spa was created to mirror the simple grandeur of an old desert fortress.  Incorporating the traditional Arab ethos of delivering sheltered spaces hidden behind walls, the overall architecture, interior design, works of arts and artifacts reflect the traditions and history of the region.  Natural earthy colours are accented by a contemporary Middle Eastern feel, with marble pillars and flooring juxtaposed against ornate gold features that reflect the desert’s sun rays, while solid wooden fixtures with ornate carvings denote the region’s majestic heritage.  Design also remains faithful to the landscape.  Water features bring a cooling, reflective oasis quality, with sunlight creating a natural atmosphere, accompanied by ambient lighting to accent thematic features. 

This intoxicating environment achieves a delicate equilibrium between the rustic simplicity required to complement the Spa’s traditional setting, and the level of indulgent sophistication required for an Anantara branded Spa.  Guests are shrouded in desert culture and beyond through facilities including five treatment suites, a Moroccan style Hammam, double heated marble beds, whirlpools, steam rooms and an ice cave, as well as a Vichy treatment room and a whirlpool bath.  From these havens of serenity, guests enjoy treatments as they glance through windows dressed with lavish drapes onto vistas across the endless amber dunes, culminating into extraordinary visual and sensual experiences.