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To get the best results, you need precision. That’s the secret to perfection. The detail is what separates a good outcome from a spectacular one. Which is why ELEMIS has created a beauty fixer. Something that will deal with melanin that has risen to the surface of the skin to create unwanted pigmentation. Hormones, pregnancy, medication, age, and sun exposure all throw their hand in to contribute to its formation. It happens. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be undone.

The White Brightening Dark Spot Corrector is meticulous in its desire for excellence. The most potent formula in the White Brightening range, this brush applicator pen is designed to work in conjunction with the whole range to target specific areas of pigmentation and age spots. After using the serum, which improves overall skin tone, apply the White Brightening Dark Spot Corrector on localised problem areas. Not only does it lighten discolouration, it minimises the formation of future dark spots. And it does all this without lightening the surrounding area of skin. It works where you need it to work and nowhere else.



Garden Cress


This cress sprout extract helps reduce the intensity of age spots and discolouration without lightening the surrounding area.

Encapsulated Vitamin C


Micro-encapsulated Vitamin C is known and proven to have a skin brightening effect.

Daisy Extract

Helps reduce age spots, irregular pigmentation, and discolouration, leaving skin visibly more even.


Pea Extract

Helps reduce the future formation of melanin and supports the skin brightening effect.

Bio-Mimetic Peptide

Inhibits tyrosinase,

the enzyme involved in the formation of melanin which leads to dark spots.