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Managing Your Spa

MSpa International considers each individual spa to be a partner, as opposed to the traditional concept of a spa operator. The difference is one that translates into exceptional added value. We become accountable, integrating your ultimate goals and long-term success into our own primary objectives, thus promising a mutually advantageous joint venture. Moreover, with successful operations that span the globe, MSpa International offers a distinct competitive edge that other spa operators simply cannot duplicate or match.

An industry leader, MSpa International pioneers trends while our spas define them. Our treatment menus fuse the world's most revered ancient wisdom with local knowledge and contemporary techniques to offer guests the most sought-after therapies. Well developed product lines and superior facilities set benchmark standards which stand the test of time, providing initial visual attraction as well as long term benefits.

A hierarchy of ideas and skills are passed down from the highest levels of management to individual spa partners and every level of our operations. Years of experience and a wealth of knowledge have perfected our training methods to produce an unrivalled level of service, professionalism and skill which we incorporate into the day-to-day operations of each of our spas.