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Developing Your Spa

From the beginning, our MSpa International professionals work with you to tailor a spa identity to meet the needs of you and your clients. By developing a solid identity for your spa from the ground up, we ensure its success even before it begins operation.

Designing, maintaining and developing your spa to become a unique and successful enterprise from the outset requires a comprehensive but flexible approach. MSpa's 11 stage blueprint, summarised below, delivers precisely this, through a proven formula of proactive initiatives.

Phase 1: Feasibility
Phase 2: Brand Development
Phase 3: Spa Concept & Design
Phase 4: Building
Phase 5: Operational Start-up
Phase 6: Human Resources
Phase 7: Sales & Revenue Management
Phase 8: PR & Marketing
Phase 9: Information Technology
Phase 10: Finance
Phase 11: Management Solutions

Let the commitment and expertise of MSpa's experienced professionals guide you on a journey of streamlined success.