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Spa Academy

Established in 1999 and quickly rising to become an industry leader, MSpa is now an expert in all spa-related industries, with the MSpa Academy formed in July 2006.

The Academy is dedicated to meeting the needs of all MSpa properties throughout the world by providing training programmes and support services of the highest international standards.

Our list of training courses is extensive - from the tried and the true, to the rare and exclusive, therapies from the East and the West are all included on our expansive spa menus. Staff are trained by seasoned experts, not only in technical expertise, but also with regard to the history and philosophy behind specific treatments such as hammams, hydrotherapy and Thai massage.

A variety of spa facilities and physical configurations are also taken into consideration when training staff.

This is because the Academy's objectives are to:

  • Provide training programmes designed to develop all the skills necessary to enable MSpa staff to be the most effective in the spa industry
  • Provide the most comprehensive instruction and training possible in all spa-related areas
  • Provide standardised and ongoing training for MSpa staff to ensure consistency in every MSpa property
  • Provide opportunities for spa staff to attain local and international professional qualifications for career opportunity enhancement