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About MSPA

Born in Thailand, MSpa International has evolved and expanded to achieve international acclaim. With head offices in Bangkok, we now develop and manage unique spa concepts throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

MSpa International consolidated in 1999 to become a leading B2B spa operator, developing unique spa concepts for the Anantara, Mandara and Aequalis spa brands, as well as the Individually Tailored Spa Collection.


MSpa International's vision is direct, succinct and successfully viable - we continue to be the driving force behind a vibrant network of internationally recognised spa concepts. We define industry trends, provide inspiration, and exceed the expectations of all our stakeholders.

Structured for Success

While MSpa International offers its partners a solid network of internationally recognised branded and non-branded spa concepts, we understand that each of our spa outlets is a personal entity with its own unique identity. MSpa International's operations structure allows us to offer a range of brands to suit different sectors and market needs. By tailoring our operational and developmental support to the needs of each of our individual spa partners, we empower our network with vibrant, dynamic spa outlets, ensuring that MSpa International is truly structured for success.